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HGM-MZ | Multi Zone Refrigerant Gas Monitor

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The Bacharach Model HgM-MZ Multi-Zone refrigerant gas Monitor is designed for continuous multi-point monitoring of CFC, HFC, and HCFC refrigerants and halogen gases. The standard unit monitors four discrete points and can be expanded to sixteen point monitoring in four point increments. The unit features 43 pre-programmed refrigerants plus one custom gas. Three adjustable alarm levels with relay output designate leak, spill, and evacuation concentrations. Gas alarms and system fault conditions are indicated by visual and audible alarms. The Model HgM-MZ provides a system fault relay output and RS-485 serial interface for integration with a building management system.

The HgM-MZ Multi-Zone refrigerant gas Monitor is designed to be used as part of a control system that helps to prevent the formation of a hazardous environment when properly installed and maintained.

  • Four-point monitoring expandable to sixteen points
  • 43 pre-programmed refrigerants and one custom
  • Up to 1200 ft (365m) distance between measuring point and monitor
  • Three alarm levels and system fault alarm with SPDT contacts
  • Self diagnostics verify operation
  • 100 data point logging
  • Audible and visual alarm indication with silence button
  • Local indication of current and peak gas levels
  • NEMA 1
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