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24-013 | Delta-Pro Differential Pressure Switch 1-10PSI


The Delta-Pro Models 24-013 and 24-014 NEMA 4
Differential Pressure Switches offer a unique blend of small
size, excellent performance, environmental protection, and
attractive price. They can be used with liquids or gases.

The precision snap-acting switch and sensitive opposing
diaphragms combine to provide a narrow deadband and
repeatability of approximately ±1% of span. Mechanical
contact life is 10 million cycles, and actual switch life can be
very long with typical pilot duty loads. The Delta-Pro NEMA
4 enclosure is small, yet it can still accommodate a 1/2" NPT
conduit connection and terminal block wiring.

The Delta-Pro is not only lightweight but also strong and
durable. The multiturn adjustment screw is externally
accessible for convenience and excellent resolution. The
Delta-Pro's force-balance design provides excellent vibration

•     SPDT switch with screw terminals
•     Gasketed zinc-plated steel cover
•     Strong, corrosion-resistant polyester enclosure
•     External, multiturn adjusting screw for excellent resolution
•     7/8" hole for 1/2" NPT conduit connection
•     Corrosion-resistant brass port
•     Front accessible holes for surface mounting
•    NEMA 4enclosure

Models 24-013 and 24-014 are used typically to sense
differential pressure across devices such as oil or water
filters, pumps, heat exchangers, chillers, coils, etc.
They normally provide an alarm or shutdown function in
applications where there is insufficient flow in a system or
when excessive pressure differential indicates a problem.
They may also be used to indicate pump status.

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