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A70 Series Weather Instruments

The A70 Series Weather Instruments with signal conditioning provide a 4-20 mA output proportional to wind speed (A70-SL), wind direction (A70-DL), barometric pressure (A70-PL) or rainfall sensing (DS-2B).

The A70 Series provides the user with external weather information that influences the building control strategy, such as for automatic closing of windows or air intake louvres in high wind or rain conditions.

The A70 has all of the features required for a weather station. Plus, as it is a modular system, you need only select the options you require, which makes the product more competitive and a great value. The sensors are accurate and durable. The mounting tripod and kits are easy to install and can be added as required.
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A70-DL | Wind Direction Transmitter

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A70-PL | Barometric Pressure Transmitter

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A70-SDL | Wind Speed/Direction Transmitter

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A70-SL | Wind Speed Transmitter

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