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Low cost ... small size

Adjustable and Fixed set point current switches

The A/MCS, A/MSCS, A/MCS-A, A/MSCS-A ACI Mini Current Operated Switches feature a normally-open, solid state contact that is non-polarity sensitive. The current switches can be used to switch both AC and DC circuits up to 36 volts and, due to their compact size, they fit into those small areas.

Ideal for Building Automation Systems, the adjustable switches also include two status LED indicators. These indicate one of three states: tripped on, current present but below trip point, and current off or below the low end of the adjustable trip point range.

The A/MCS and A/MSCS current switches should be used in applications in which a go/ no-go current status switch is required. A current status switch can be used to monitor fan and pump status, motors, compressors, and any other electrical equipment for on or off status.

The A/MCS-A and A/MSCS-A adjustable current switches should be used in applications such as monitoring over and under loads, changes in the normal operating current or equipment status.








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